Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

This community continuum-of care is modeled from the Zero Suicide Initiative, which challenges healthcare and behavioral healthcare systems to commit to suicide prevention through a system-wide approach in essential elements to improve outcomes and close gaps. With the JCP, we will address the Transition Essential Element, which provides contact and support during high-risk times for individuals. The JCP is a piece of the continuum-of-care, known as Caring Contacts, that helps an individual transition from inpatient, emergency services, or primary care to outpatient behavioral healthcare. Caring Contacts work by showing support to an individual, promoting an individual’s connections, and increasing individual participation in services. The JCP fulfills this strategy with the mission of helping individuals feel heard.

Looking to volunteer in your community?  Consider being a Just Checking Program volunteer!

The Just Checking Program is now part of a community continuum-of-care to prevent suicide providing follow-up to community members seeking support such as transitioning from inpatient to outpatient services, to individuals looking for a regular support network.

We appreciate your interest in helping your community develop this continuum-of-care by becoming a Just Checking volunteer. 

Suicide Prevention Resources

Suicide Resource Directory

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