Recovery Meeting Finder

Regional Recovery Meeting Loctions

Use the interactive map to find Recovery Meetings times and locations.

Contacts for meetings or for directions and information

Peggy – 276)880-2139
Randall – (276)498-3757
Gene Mink – (276)944-5052
Marlene – (276)926-8357
Carol – (276)245-6119
Shawn Allen – (276) 219-3643
David Wilburn – (276) 210-2728
Tyler Huff – (276) 971-5321
Bobby… (276)345-3617
Hoss K – (276)245-8523
Lonnie & Donna – (606)253-2223
Tammy P – (276)435-1361
Steve Ray – (276)-202-9553
Contact Numbers: New Life Fellowship (276)-498-3900 or (276)-498-4825
Bluewell Baptist: (304)-952-4295
ALANON Contact Number: 1-888-425-2666

For any schedule changes please contact:
Teresa Morgan

Are You Pregnant or May Become Pregnant?

Drugs and alcohol use while pregnant will harm your unborn baby.

Getting HELP is easy- Virginia’s CSBs give priority to pregnant women who are using drugs and/or alcohol.  You will get help within 48 hours of requesting assistance from the CSB.

For help, contact: Project Link at CMCS at Grundy/Tazewell/Main/Lebanon

Phone: 276-935-7154 or 276-964-6702

Healthy Pregnancy Tips:

  • Make a goal of delivering your baby drug, alcohol and tobacco free
  • Get treatment and support through your CSB
  • Get prenatal care from your medical provider
  • Keep your baby safe
  • Find healthy ways to manage stress

Attention Miners!

Have you lost your Miner’s Certification and received a letter from the DMME?

Are you interested in getting your certification back?

Please contact Mary Gibson at the Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy


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